Crystal Correa is a writer, director ,producer, artist and actress.

Oh, and she loves a good story. 
As a kid in a hyper-portable military Puerto- Rican family, she relied on storytelling and reinvention to keep herself entertained. When she worked on a movie set for the first time, the familiar craziness of production calmed her, and reignited her childhood obsessions. 
Crystal the Webseries, her production company’s debut project, is part-love letter, part-heinous reminder of her painfully ridiculous twenties. It has screened at the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film festival , HollyShorts Film Festival and HBO’s NYLFF just to name a few.

Crystal also has a degree in Web Development and is currently working on a 30 min comedic series version of “Crystal the Webseries” called “Crystals” where she will also be putting her web ,social media marketing, graphic designing and photoshop skills to the test!


Correa lives in Los Angeles, where she immerses herself in creative chaos at every chance she gets.