Crystal Correa is a writer, director ,producer, artist and actor.

Oh, and she loves a good story. 
As a kid in a hyper-portable military Puerto- Rican family, she relied on storytelling and reinvention to keep herself entertained. When she worked on a movie set for the first time, the familiar craziness of production calmed her, and reignited her childhood obsessions. 
Crystal the Webseries, her production company’s debut project, is part-love letter, part-heinous reminder of her painfully ridiculous twenties. It has screened at the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film festival , HollyShorts Film Festival and HBO’s NYLFF to name a few.

Crystal also has a degree in Web Development and has been a cosmetologist for 15 years, currently she’s working on a series version of “Crystal” and a show based on her life as a hairstylist.

Correa lives in Los Angeles, where she immerses herself in creative chaos at every chance she gets.